Working to grow science festivals

We aim to improve and expand the science festival landscape in the UK

About the UK Science
Festivals Network

Who we are

  • The UK Science Festivals Network serves to unite, celebrate and develop science festivals in the UK.
  • We aim to build relationships with other sectors to drive up attendance and innovation at science festivals.
  • The UK Science Festivals Network is managed by the British Science Association, a charity that aims to affirm science as a part of British culture.

What we do

  • We meet several times a year to discuss our work and the future of science festivals.
  • We develop and distribute funded projects among our members.
  • We advocate for the importance of science festivals in conversation with funding bodies and decision makers.


Bringing science festivals together to share knowledge, experience and contacts. The Network facilitates partnerships and collaboration through our meetings and projects.


We are a strong voice for science festivals where it counts: with funding bodies, decision makers and in public. We advocate for funding and run projects to distribute creative content.


We believe that science festivals are an exciting and diverse form of interaction and we work to support large and small festivals to grow and diversify their audience.

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