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Benefits of membership

Participate in a professional community dedicated to uniting, celebrating and improving the diverse science festival landscape in the UK, including:

  • Regular meetings to share learning, resources and contacts.
  • Access to funded projects developed and secured by the Network.
  • Opportunities to share and jointly commission creative content.
  • Evaluation support and participation in developing a shared approach.
  • Advocacy for the science festival sector through conversations with influential organisations, funding bodies and decision makers.
  • Support to grow and diversify festival events and audiences.
  • Opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

What membership involves

Membership to the UK Science Festivals Network provides a way for diverse festivals to unite as a professional community, which all members can benefit from and participate in.

  • Members are invited to attend regular meetings across the country to build relationships, share best practice and participate in a national conversation about shaping the future of science festivals in the UK.
  • Each year the Network agrees on a measure to improve and standardise our approach to evaluation. To become and remain a member, festivals must agree to collect and annually share this data with the Network and other members.
  • Membership to the UK Science Festivals Network is free and open to all organisers of a festival or event with science content.
  • All members remain independently organised science festivals and can terminate their membership at any time.

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