Booths at the UKSFN22 Conference Expo

    Would you like the opportunity to showcase your festival in the conference Expo area?

    This feature allows attendees to explore different booths, finding out what different festivals have to offer and how to find out more about you.

    To request a booth for your festival, please compile this necessary information and email it to


    • Festival Name: Your festival’s name
    • Festival Email: Contact email address
    • Festival Headline: A short impactful description of your festival. For example, “The best online events platform”. Maximum 70 characters. This will be displayed in the thumbnail of your booth.
    • About: Additional information (700 characters maximum) about your festival (this will be displayed inside your booth).
    • Logo:  An image file of your logo (needs to be ratio 1:1, recommended size 1080 x 1080). 2Mb maximum. Use .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif file extensions.
    • Background Image: An image file of your choice for your booth’s background (needs to be ratio 2:1, recommended size 1500 x 750px, minimum size 1000 x 500px). 2Mb maximum.
    • Booth video: A link to one short YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia video related to your festival (e.g. highlights reel) – this will play in your booth.
    • Button Action: Choose what happens when someone clicks at the “I’m interested” button in your booth:
      • Takes them to your website or
      • Sends an email to the festival email address above which lets you know that someone expressed interest (includes their email address so you can get in touch)


    • Twitter link
    • Facebook link
    • Instagram link
    • Linkedin link

    For examples of what a thumbnail of a booth looks like, you can check out last year’s UKSFN conference or take a look at the screengrab below.