Hopin Orientation Guide

    Welcome to the UK Science Festival Network conference 2021! You can download a PDF version of the programme here or view it as a text only webpage here, and there is a tour of the Hopin platform below.

    How to navigate the platform:

    When the event starts, and you enter the UKSFN conference on Hopin, you’ll arrive in the Reception area. This is the is the welcome page or “lobby” of your event and the best place to return to if you get lost on the platform. Here, you can find our welcome message, the schedule, and speakers. You’ll also find a tech troubleshooting guide, important announcements, and a quick update on what is happening at the event currently.

    The different areas and what they’re for:

    You can navigate the platform using the icons on the left side of the screen.


    This is the main Stage which will be used for the plenary sessions (including welcome and farewell). You won’t be able to join the sessions broadcasted on Stage with your camera and audio, but you will be able to watch the sessions and interact with the speakers through the Stage Chat on the right.


    Our Sessions area hosts all the breakout sessions, including ‘continue the conversation’ sessions following panel discussions from the Stage. You can interact with a particular session through the dedicated Chat that will appear on the right once you are in the session.

    Please don’t click ‘Share Video and Audio’ when you first join a session (you can still watch without doing so). You might be prompted to do so later in the session if the speakers want to further discuss a comment or question you posted in the Chat – it is completely up to you if you want to accept the invitation!

    Sessions will automatically appear on schedule and automatically hide once their time is up. Attendees can view the list of previous sessions by clicking ‘Show past segments’ at the Reception area of the event. In sessions with multiple people, you can double-click any screen to enlarge it.


    Just one of the ways you can meet your fellow delegates! The Networking area is a fun way to meet other conference attendees. When you click ‘Ready’ on the screen (and as long as at least one other attendee has done the same), Hopin will match you with a random attendee for a quick chat (max. 5 mins).  If you wish to, you can swap contact details by clicking ‘Connect’ or arrange to follow up via a 1-2-1 video call through the ‘People’ tab on the right if you want to carry on chatting.

    Attendees can click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information and after the event the newly made contacts will appear at https://hopin.to/account/connections page of their individual Profile. For more information click here.


    Our booths in the Expo are virtual exhibition stands. There, you can discover some of the festivals that are part of the UKSFN and connect with them by registering your interest or visiting their website.

    How to build strong connections:

    We know that one of the key things missing from a virtual event experience is the natural networking that happens between sessions, the post-session discussions, and those end of day drinks where we can catch up on the activities of the day! So we have a few suggestions for meeting delegates and making new connections.


    This would be our top tip to getting the most out of this year’s all virtual UKSFN. You can do so by clicking on your initials in the top-right corner and choosing ‘Profile’ from the dropdown menu. Make sure to add a Headline with your Organisation/Job Title, add a photo and your social media links. Having a good profile will mean a more engaging experience – you can swap details with other delegates in just one click, as well as better represent yourself and the organisation or project you are joining from.


    Head to the Networking area from the left-hand menu to get randomly matched with other attendees. See above for more details on the Networking area.


    You can send a Direct Message to any attendee by searching for a name in the ‘People’ tab on the right, and then clicking on their name.  It’s a great way to connect with someone you may have seen present or speak during a session, made some interesting comments in the public chat box, or perhaps you’ve spotted a familiar name whilst scrolling the event attendees. When you are watching in a specific Stage or Session event, the ‘People’ tab shows only the attendees who are also watching that session.


    The Direct Message feature also offers a Video Call function. You can invite an event attendee to a private video call, and, once in there, you can then invite three other people (up to 5 in total). This is a great way to create your own breakout room, or post-session conversation.

    Click here to view this guide as PDF.

    Click here to view the guide with diagram at PDF