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Mastering the Art of AI: White paper


During our UK Science Festival Network Annual Conference on January 30, 2024 we had the pleasure of hosting Tracy Harwood and Marieke Navin’s event ‘Mastering the Art of AI’. The theme of the UKSFN Conference was ‘Science Festivals in 2050’ and the workshop focussed on innovation and cutting-edge trends in the science festival sector, discussing the roles of AI in future science festivals and evaluating emergent issues of its use.

In 30 years, AI’s role in science festivals could be transformative, not just in enhancing learning and experience but in fundamentally redefining the nature of public engagement with science. The boundary between participant and exhibit, learner and teacher, could blur, leading to a more integrated, immersive, and personalized approach to scientific education and exploration.

However, addressing the issues presented by AI involves a balanced approach, integrating technology with human-centric design, ethical considerations, and a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation.

Following the session, Tracy and Marieke produced a report on the topics discussed – read the full paper here.